Interior Shutters

Beautify your home or office with our Shutters, they’re hand crafted and built to last a lifetime.We offer the highest quality custom wood Shutter at the lowest cost. All our custom wood Shutters are hand finished and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Wood Shutters are an extremely functional and versatile window treatment. Shutters have been in existence for centuries, as they insulate against the cold in winter, control light and privacy, and block heat in the summer.

You have a choice of louver options:

  1. Traditional style 1 3/8 inch louver
  2. California style  2 1/2 inch louver
  3. Plantation style  3 1/2 inch louver
  4. Ultra mod style  4 1/2  inch louver

We match any colour or stain and our Shutters are available in any style or shape, to suit any design or decor.

We supply vinyl and composite Shutter options as well.

Exterior Shutters

Make your property stand out with authentic operable or decorative exterior wood Shutters. Louvered, solid raised panel, or any other style, the choice is yours, we’ll match customer specifications, and any paint or stain finish.

All our exterior wood Shutters are finished using top quality exterior primers and top coats and constructed to withstand the elements, and of course we’ll match any colour.

We use Clear No.1 Select Pine on all our standard exterior Shutters, however other woods like Cedar and Mahogany can be specified, and are available on demand.

Please view our selected Shutter Gallery:

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